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[proSPORT - Entertainment System]

Sports Equipment for the outer Deck on Yachts and Cruise Liners

This product line includes sports designs based on orders for both yachts and cruise liners. These systems are typically characterised by how fast they can be assembled and dismantled. Depending on the order, special features such as floodlights or different floor coverings can be incorporated.

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This proSPORT padle tennis court is a really impressive piece of equipment. 20 m x 10 m in size, the side walls are 4 m high, and are equipped with 4 light masts - for games at night. Made from carbon fibre, aluminium and plastic. The whole system is removable within 3 hours - so the foredeck may serve its other job. It is one of two helicopter landing areas on board.

Padel Tennis court components


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