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[sunHATCH - Shading System]

Automatic Skylight for Owners and Guest Areas

sunHATCH is the product name for an extensive, fully-automated skylight for the living area or the owner’s area on board a large yacht. It is available in custom sizes and the largest to date has an opening of approx. 2.3 x 4.0 m. 

To date, the skylights have been manufactured as a GRP design with a stainless steel drive and are controlled by an individually-programmed PLC unit. Other material structures are available as required for various room configurations.

The sunHATCH opens and closes automatically when in auto mode. Simply press a button and it will start to open. Press the button again to stop it at the desired point or it will run to the end position and automatically switch off. The system also has a semi-automatic service mode and a manual backup drive.

In service mode, all functions can be accessed individually and can be controlled and stopped individually so that the system can be accessed freely for cleaning or maintenance. 

In use, the sunHATCH emits a noise level of no more than 43 decibels. Lloyds Register or other approvals are available.

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