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There are more modern, faster and cheaper ways of getting around than sailing. But none can be more elegant, more exciting or more spectacular.

For more than 125 years, Reckmann has been at the forefront when it comes to high-quality sailing products such as mast, rigging and hydraulic systems as well as the full range of accessories in the regatta field. Modern shading systems for motor yachts complete our portfolio. From mass production to custom-made solutions in the mega-yacht sector, Reckmann offers you a wide range of highly innovative products and special solutions which are developed and made in Germany.

Our team are available at any time either on the phone or at exhibitions for consultations and individual solutions. We look forward to being able to welcome you at one of our exhibitions or at our works.

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[Sailtec by Reckmann]

For decades, Sailtec Custom Projects, a new brand from Reckmann, has been providing individual shading system solutions for motor mega yachts in all sizes and for all applications. For advice and enquiries, get in touch with us.

Shading systems · awnings · sun blinds · superlight outdoor large screens · textile architecture· Pre-tensioned membrane structures · certified safety rails · super yacht sunshades · shading systems

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[Shading Systems for Buildings]

We supply system solutions for super yachts, passenger vessels and architectural projects. Core area super yachts. Design, material and manufacturing technology of our systems are diverse, as we work project orientated, and optimize each product for the individual requirement. The output are tailor made, high quality systems for ambitious clients.

Often we are defined by our Textile Engineering know-how. Our affinity to textiles and their modern processing in prestressed membrane structures resulted in shading systems, such as sun awnings and sun roofs, to become SAILTEC core products.

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[Reckmann Services]

Reckmann products are low-maintenance and long-lasting. For the first few years, there will be no need for maintenance. We provide a global maintenance and repair service for masts and rigs whose quality and performance reflect the standards for our products. Our experienced engineers will advise you on any questions you have about rigs and will coordinate any necessary work with you. Our service team are ready to assist if you have any enquiries.

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