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Welcome to SAILTEC Custom Projects!

SAILTEC supplies system solutions for super yachts, passenger vessels and architectural projects. Core area super yachts. Design, material and manufacturing technology of our systems are diverse, as we work project orientated, and optimize each product for the individual requirement. The output are tailor made, high quality systems for ambitious clients.

Often we are defined by our Textile Engineering know-how. Our affinity to textiles and their modern processing in prestressed membrane structures resulted in shading systems, such as sun awnings and sun roofs, to become SAILTEC core products.

Our Products

Shading Systems · Sun Awnings · Sun Roofs · Superlight Projection Screens · Prestressed Membrane Structures · Textile Architecture · Certified Safety-Tracks · Superyacht Umbrellas

Typically our systems include structures made from composites (GFRP / CFRP), aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. The optimum material is selected according to customer requirements, operational environment, suitability and budget.

Depending on requirements, we provide sun protection systems for permanent or temporary use - folding, rolling, or linearly extended and retracted. For manual or automatic operation, optionally SPS controlled, if requested even load- or impulse-dependent automated.

A tour of our website will give you an impression of our diverse portfolio, our expertise and our experience. We ask you to understand that we are committed to give only very limited information about our projects, due to the very private nature of personally used yachts.

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